SemNotes - A semantic note taking tool DOAP file for SemNotes

SemNotes is a semantic note taking tool for KDE4, built on top of Nepomuk-KDE. The tool is still under development, but it is already usable, provided that KDE4 is installed and the Nepomuk running.

SemNotes links notes to the data that is available on the user's desktop. The data stored about a note consists of: a title, content, tags, creation and last modification time. The notes and all the information about them are stored as rdf resources in the Nepomuk repository. They are automatically linked to the resources they reference, by adding statements like:

<note> <references> <some_resource>

The referenced resources can be anything that makes sense, like people - contacts from the address book (crawled by Strigi); artists - taken from the music the user has on her computer; places, cities, countries - from Marble.

  • More details can be found here and a screencast here.
  • SemNotes can be downloaded from its page.
  • Submit bug reports or feature requests here. If you have any suggestions, requests or comments, please contact me.

Laura Dragan Developer
Pierre Ludwick Developer
Siegfried Handschuh Scientific Supervisor