Konduit - Visual Programming for the Semantic Desktop DOAP file for Konduit

Konduit is a desktop-based platform for visual programming with RDF data. Based on the idea of the semantic desktop, non-technical users can create, manipulate and mash-up RDF data with Konduit, and thus generate simple applications or workflows, which are aimed to simplify their everyday work by automating repetitive tasks. The platform allows to combine data from both Web and desktop and integrate it with existing desktop functionality, thus bringing us closer to a convergence of Web and desktop.

Konduit is implemented for KDE4 and built on top of the Nepomuk-KDE infrastructure. Nepomuk-KDE is one of the implementations of Nepomuk semantic desktop framework.

If you want to learn more about Konduit, you can read our SFSW2009 paper or our ESWC2008 demo paper (best demo award).

Oszkár Ambrus Developer
Laura Dragan Developer
Siegfried Handschuh Scientific Supervisor